As life happens, we leave bits of our soul in places where we once were "happy", as well as unconsciously took bits of other people's soul.

We must put these fragments back where they belong.

Loss of Soul Fragments for a long time can lead to various diseases:

  • Depression and emotional numbness

  • Feeling that ‘something is wrong with me’

  • PTSD

  • Low self-esteem and suicidal thoughts

  • Feeling incomplete or dead inside

  • Low libido

  • Low resistance to disease

  • Feeling like you ‘aren’t the same person’ after a trauma

  • Addictions and Anxiety

  • Fear of the future

  • Lack of joy and happiness

  • Bad luck or unfortunate happenings

On a one on one session over the phone, I will guide you through a meditation to bring back the lost fragments of your Soul, as well as releasing and lovingly send back the soul fragments that are not yours.

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