Chakra Clearing and Alignment

The Chakras are the energetic points in our body that regulate the absorption and release of energy. To keep our chakras balanced, the energy must flow throughout the body without blockages; when this happens our mind, body and spirit are healthy.


To align the chakras or energetic centers, is to give back vitality, balance and harmony to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. When vital energy circulates positively, we feel happier and healthier, but when the chakras are unbalanced, or blocked we feel emotional discomfort and health problems appear.

When we go through situations of stress, depression, anguish, anger, excess of negative thoughts (as a result of life experiences) our chakras acquires blockages. If we leave our energy body abandoned for a long time, these energetic blockages will affect our physical body, causing diseases. When we feel exhausted, discouraged, sad, dull, uncreative, intolerant and especially when our immune system is weak, meaning, we get sick easily, it means that we are energetically affected and are in need of an energetic clearing and alignment of the chakras.


Benefits of chakra clearing and alignment:


  • Eliminates negative energies that stop you from progressing in life.

  • Closes energy leaks, alleviates tiredness.

  • It will help you process feelings of sadness, grudges and hatred that you have retained for a long time, in a positive way.

  • Opens your mind and sharpens your sixth sense.

  • Fills your body with positive energy.

  • Most likely, Health, prosperity and love will surround you.

  • It will help dispel stress, worries and negative thoughts.

  • Healing will affect the energetic, mental and physical body.

  • Last but not least, you will be happy.


We will schedule a distant session where I will guide you in meditation, and while you rest your mind and body, I'll do the clearing and subsequent alignment of your energy centers (Chakras). After this session, I suggest to have a realigment session every two months.

The realignment  is very important because the daily routine and stress will be affecting your energy field. 

Two months after the 1st. session we will have the 2nd, the 3rd session will be 6 months later, and the last session around the 10th - 12th month.

With these re-tuning sessions, you will be able to keep your energy body healthy enjoying the benefits that this brings.

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