There are few things in life that awake our fears with such force as an upcoming surgery.

Doubts and questioning begin and that funny uneasiness spreads all over us and probably beyond us, as the questions and fears of our loved ones are also added to the mix.

Before we know it, we are being attacked by fantastical and fathom like thoughts.

Should I? – What if? – will it hurt too much? -  will I survive? And many other similar thoughts.


Our subconscious does not know how to differentiate between reality and fantasy, but since the subconscious is very obedient and wants to manifest every desire we have, we need to be very careful about the type of repetitive thought we feed It, if those thoughts are repetitive and we give them a lot of importance they will become a program in our mental and energetic bodies greatly affecting our life, this is true for absolutely everything we choose.


If we are having surgery, it is obviously of vital importance for our well being, still, this ghost hits with full force and fear appears, stresses us and even program failure or success.

We must add to the uneasiness and fears all the stress caused by the chores we have to get done before surgery date, like lab work, special studies, stopping a medication or starting a new one, leaving everything ready at work and home, Ah! And of course, after surgery comes rehabilitation! All causing more and more stress.


I am offering you the possibility to help you relax your mind and body minimizing fears and stress while preparing you for what should be an optimal and successful surgery.


A successful surgery depends mostly on our mental state, and the programming we are running in our mind. If we can stay calm and relax, this state will be naturally transmitted to everyone around us, who may also be the people that will be there for us before and after the surgery takes place.

Sure enough, we have given the Physician our full confidence, and if we come to the operation room relaxed and confident, that will be the best and only help we can offer our Doctor, and the best gift to ourselves.


For the Pre-Surgery program, I will be asking you a few questions, then we will have a telephone session via WhatsApp or Skype, where I will direct you to a relaxing meditation and I will clear and align your energy centers (Chakras) to let the energy flow freely through your body.

The audio of the session will be recorded, and I will send this recording for you to listen to it as many times as you wish before and after the surgery. I will also send you a series of affirmations that will help you stay focused in a positive way, as well as a healing meditation.

You will be booking the first phone conversation, I will be asking you for the information I need to prepare for this session, and during the phone conversation we will set the date and time for the session.

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