Soul Profile Reading - Lectura del Perfil del Alma

Soul Realignment reading & clearing will allow me to look for all blocks and restrictions that are negatively affecting you, and by understanding who you are at soul level, you will be able to learn which choices synchronize with your divine essence. 


Do you ever wonder why you are not creating exactly what you want?   Why it is hard to relax, to sleep well?

The reading will give you the insight about your negative patterns, thoughts, emotions and beliefs. 


You will discover explanations for the experiences you are having in your daily life and learn which choices are positive an in alignment with your soul.

You will understand and clear the things that have been holding you back from living your full potential,

You will acquire a fuller knowledge of your true self and take the pressure off in areas that are not who you are at soul level.

You will understand which choices are negative for you and learn which are the right choices.


Since you are the powerful creator of your own experience, it is important to understand that you are doing the best you can with the information you have. You will receive information about yourself that will empower you.


Here’s how it works: After you book the session and we have our first phone conversation, I will prepare the information.  I will tell you: your divine gifts; your soul’s characteristics including the positive and negative tendencies of these characteristics; the general health of your energy field.

Then we will spend some time discussing the blocks and restrictions from this lifetime and past lifetimes which are holding you back.  I will give you a briefing on the circumstances in which these arose.  The ones that come up in the reading are the ones you are ready to let go of now, in order to move forward in your more empowered life. The clearer we are about our negative choices, the easier it is to make positive ones.


You will be booking the first phone conversation, I will be asking you for the information I need to prepare for this session, and during the phone conversation we will set the date and time for the session.

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