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by Ruth Kaplan

Alternative Holistic Health Services

My name is Ruth; since a very early age, I felt that there was much more about our mind and energy. 

In 1994 an ad for a Silva Mind Control class called my attention and since then I have never stopped learning about the capabilities of the mind. 


A few years later I became a Reiki Master Healer, followed by many other energy healing technics. I learned basic Feng Shui, Theta Healing, and then I became an Akashic Record Reader. I study and learn more constantly.


All this knowledge and experience awoke in me the need to expand this healing power and help as many people as possible reach their full potential.


I want everyone to take care of their energy body as much as they take care of the physical and emotional body.


I combine healing technics to help the body and mind relax, decrease pain naturally. Your energy will start flowing unobstructed, and you will feel re-charged and healthier.

It helped me a lot!

Yes, I absolutely recommend Soul Realignment and Clearing as it helped me a lot, it opened new paths to be better every day, thank you!


Monica S.

Food for the soul, the best way to be in balance with ourselves. Ariel

I am a better person...

I recommend it to the max. It is impressive how it changed in me not only the way of thinking, but also the feelings and discovering in me a better person, with a positive energy.

Ruth Kaplan is blessed to have a gift that very few people possess. It helps you work with your soul and your mind. After the session and following all instructions I noted positive changes. Very grateful and blessed with Ruth Kaplan, Source's Energy.

Claudia A.

The advantage of having a "map"

It gave a twist to my way of seeing and doing things, first It changed my energy, as Ruth did an energy center Clearing, then she gives you tools to focus on what is good for you and get rid of what does not do you well. Although, it is a constant work and there is a lot of change, and different paths to experience, the advantage is that you have "a map" that gives you alternatives to get to the place where you will feel better with you and others. Recommended 100%



Blessings Returned to my life!

The Soul Realignment Ruth did, might serve other people like me who needed the courage change.

Something in my life at the time didn't work, it was evident, cero sales for two years, pain in the whole body without diagnosis, the family falling apart, friends keeping distance, depressions. I was  a complete mess going straight to total failure.

I thank you for the invitation to prove that we should not settle and remain still, it is possible to learn and change from Inside out, Ruth was the answer to my many prayers to know and understand why everything was so "locked" in my life.

The time after the Soul Realignment session was the most productive in my life! Since then the problematic areas in my life have been unlocked and cured, it was not overnight and it was not like magic, every day and every month I'm noticing how luck or blessings are returning to my life.

 I would like every human being that reads this testimony of the Soul Realignment to understand that he/she belongs to a small group of people to whom the universe has presented them this opportunity to change their lives for the better.

Thanks Ruth!



Release, Relax, Unwind.

Let me help you calm the emotions, decrease or remove physical pain, calm the anxious and chattering mind, strengthen the body's ability to heal itself and help you reconnect with your spirituality.


Readings & Sessions



'You are the powerful creator of your own experience'

You are doing the best you can with the information you have. 

Learn much more about yourselves

Inspirational quote on life by Mary Enge

The Reiki practitioner is a channel through which the energy from the universe flows toward the intended recipient.

Release, Relax and Unwind...

Decrease or remove physical pain

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"Know the lesson, seek the opportunity"


We go through life hoping to be better people.

In that quest, we know that there is much to experiment, and much to choose.

If you knew today which is the main LIFE LESSON you must learn/overcome, would it bring you benefits?

Yes!!, You'll have that information in your conscious mind, which will allow you to evolve positively.  You'd understand why you make choices, again and again, that affect you in a negative way.


I'll be asking you some basic questions and then I'll send you an email with a personalized report.

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Sunrise over the Wheat Field
Colorful Bubbles

Free yourself from what is holding you from expressing your full potential.

With this reading, besides finding out your Divine Soul Blueprint, I will also let you know which are the blocks and restrictions present in your energy body. 

Soul Realignment reading & clearing will allow me to look for all blocks and restrictions that are negatively affecting you, and by understanding who you are at soul level, you will be able to learn which choices synchronize with your divine essence.

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Why things are not happening the way you wish?

Maybe, you are not making the right choices that align with your divine soul essence.


When you understand the Divine Soul Blueprint, you’ll be able to know which are the individual positive and negative choices for you.


This reading is also a great tool for parents, as parents you'll be able to guide your children towards their divine soul essence and teach them from an early age to make their individual right choices, guiding them towards a successful and meaningful life.

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If you are about to undergo surgery, or  preparing for a cancer treatment, think about your body. How can you strengthen it, support it, and help it heal from the upcoming experience?

 Your body, your mind, and your spirit, will thank you for loving it enough to support it through the process.

There are few things in life that awake our fears with such force as an upcoming surgery or treatment.

Doubts and questioning begin and that funny uneasiness spreads all over us.

I will help you relax your mind and body minimizing fears and stress while preparing you for what should be an optimal and successful process.

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Taller para Potenciar las Relaciones


Participando de un taller, el maestro no se cansaba de repetir que las relaciones interpersonales, tienen mucha importancia en otros aspectos de la vida, como por ejemplo el aspecto financiero.


Existen tres áreas en la vida, que debemos equilibrar; El amor, El dinero y La salud. Son las tres áreas que hacen que nuestra experiencia exista.

Cuando una de estas áreas esta floja, arrastra a las otras dos.

Hoy quiero ofrecerte un programa de tres encuentros totalmente GRATIS, donde hablare de las “Relaciones” en general y como afecta nuestro campo energético, en particular.

las relaciones juegan un papel muy importante en nuestro desarrollo personal y no es casualidad que las personas se relacionen entre sí y estén compartiendo la vida juntos.

Las relaciones son herramientas que nos ayudan a entender quienes y como somos y que nos agrada y que no.

Las buenas relaciones nos ayudan a expresar quienes somos en esencia.

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