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Energy Exchange

by Ruth Kaplan


Our universe is energy, everything around us is energy, and we are a conglomerate of energy; the moment energy leaves our physical body, we cease to be, we cease to exist. Therefore, it is vital to keep our energy balanced.


We are constantly exchanging energy with others, and we choose the way we manage this process. We are the masters!

We receive energy through the words we hear and talk, through our actions as well as other people actions, these interactions influence our lives for better or worse.


Positive energy has a high frequency vibration, this brings feelings of happiness and peace.

Negative energy has very low frequency vibration, and brings all forms of uneasiness, including diseases and what we learned to call "Bad luck".  There are times in life, when we feel entangled in very low-frequency energy, and that's when we need someone to reach out to give us the tools to raise that frequency and to find a path that will change the perspective with which we are seeing and feeling what's happening to us and around us.


There are many people who have been studying how to use these tools.

I am one of them, and I am sensitive to the needs of others, I’m always ready to help.  By helping others, I'm sharing my knowledge, sharing my energy.

To maintain my energy balance, if I deliver, I must receive in return, otherwise I would become "unbalanced".


As a way of energy exchange, barter was invented first, and the concept of money later.

There is a widespread belief that money is bad, it is categorized as a necessary evil.

I invite you, if only for a moment, to reverse this belief, and to see money as a tool that speeds up the exchange of energy on this planet. Money allows us to give our knowledge to those who need it and acquire the knowledge we need. It's a positive tool!




Often, we don't like what happens to us, and more than once in our lives we don't even understand why circumstances get so difficult, and this brings us back to the concept of how we are affecting our energy body with our choices.

To interpret how thoughts, words, choices and decisions affect us, we need to study and learn about it, just as a doctor learns how to heal the physical body, and a psychologist learns to direct and manage emotions, those of us who study how to heal the energy body will know how to change the way you give and receive energy.


  1. It is important for me, that your energy body is balanced and healthy,

  2. It is important for me, that you take every opportunity that life gives you and turn it into positive experience,

  3. It is important for me, that you will be happy and that you bring happiness to those around you.

So please! contact me if you need help. I know that together we will find a way for you to get the abundance you deserve, and for me to keep my energy balanced.


You can read about some of the techniques I use on my website:, and you can contact me at my email:

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